Directory Lister v2.48

Free, fully functional 30 day trial of the latest major version with installer / uninstaller (10MB). All features are enabled during the trial period (as if it was the Enterprise edition). For the comparison of the features for each edition please check here.

Directory Lister screenshot folder filters

Backup Dwarf

While downloading Directory Lister, take also look at our Backup Dwarf application which can save your precious files by doing unattended, automatic, encrypted backups to cloud on a daily basis. More info on Backup Dwarf web page, but you can download and try Backup Dwarf by clicking on the button below:

Download now (Windows Store)

Directory Lister v1.71

Here is the latest version of the previous major release with installer / uninstaller (4MB):

Download now 32-bit (

Download now 64-bit (

Translation credits

The interface of Directory Lister is available in the following languages (included in setup):

Arabic, translator: Awadh A Al-Ghaamdi
Armenian, translator: Hrant Ohanyan
Belarusian (Belaruski), translator: Victor Demidov
Catalan, translator: Joaquim Puigdemont
Czech (Cestina), translator: Oldbrowser
Dutch (Nederlands), translator: Andre Reinink, Albert Supheert
English, translator: KRKsoft team
French (Français), translator: Laurent Guichard
German (Deutsch), translator: Michael Mang
Greek, translator: Yannis A. Pavlopoulos
Hungarian, translator: Döbröntei Sándor
Italian (Italiano), translator: Marco D'Amato, Massimo Castiglia
Korean, translator: SIA YU
Latvian, translator: Eduard Ambartsumov
Polish (Polski), translator: KRKsoft team
Portuguese (Brasil), translator: Fábio Junqueira
Russian (Russki), translator: Maximus Decim
Simplified Chinese, translator: 大眼仔~旭(Anan)
Slovensky, translator: Marián Hikaník
Slovenian, translator: Jadran Rudec
Spanish (Espanol), translator: samerboy

Translation help needed!

If you would like to help translating the interface, please download the translation toolkit. Unpack it and translate the red lines. Some lines can be left unchanged if the translated text is the same in your language. To create a new language copy English.lng into a new file. Please send translated files to us.

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