Directory Lister version history
Copyright (C) 2000-2022 KRKSoft


+ New
* Changed
! Bug fixed

Version 2.48 - 28 Dec 2022

! Fix refreshing hashes after inserting new media to the same drive.
! Fix encoding of properties from zip-like formats.

Version 2.47 - 21 May 2022

+ Displaying total page count in folder rows.

Version 2.46 - 19 Feb 2022

+ Added option to use shell-based tree of directories.
! Much improved PDF parsing.
! Window fonts are now bigger when system text size is increased.

Version 2.45 - 2 Dec 2021

! Fixed displaying type column.
! Fixed PDF properties from HP scanners.

Version 2.44 - 20 Oct 2021

! Fixed size display in Excel when setting other than bytes is selected.

Version 2.43 - 20 Jul 2021

! Fixed SQL Server output for invalid date columns.
! Fixed resetting CD volume after changing media.

Version 2.42 - 1 Jan 2021

+ Columns in HTML output can now be resized manually.
* Changed the Copy listing accelerator to Ctrl+Shift+C so it does not collide with the default Ctrl+C in edit controls.
* Lengths, FPS, frequency, resolutions and bit rates are now stored as numeric values in Excel output.
! Fixed resolution for MP4 files.

Version 2.41 - 1 May 2020

* Retrieving more properties from animated GIF files .

Version 2.40 - 17 Feb 2020

* Improved progress window to better reflect current operation.

Version 2.39 - 14 Jan 2020

+ Added option to display disk letters and disk names in title summary.
! Improved reading XML properties for FB2 files.

Version 2.38 - 9 Jan 2020

+ Added support for reading .7z and .cab archives.
! Fixed displaying FOURCC for .mts and .m2ts files.

Version 2.37 - 30 Dec 2019

+ Added support for WebP files.

Version 2.36 - 23 Jul 2019

+ Added support for CorelDRAW (cdr) files (X4+).

Version 2.35 - 25 Jan 2019

! Network shares should be now displayed even if SMB1.0 is not installed.
! Keywords for MP4 files are now displayed in proper column (and not in category).

Version 2.34 - 5 Jan 2019

+ Added new column "Rating" for multimedia files.

Version 2.33 - 1 Dec 2018

+ Added support for webm format.
+ Retrieving more metadata from AVI files.
* Dropped support for Windows XP.
! Fix MP4 length fragmented files.
! Fix sampling frequency for some MKV files.

Version 2.32 - 28 Oct 2018

+ Retrieve more MP3 properties when using MediaInfo.
+ Retrieve more WAV properties (Album, Track).
* Prevent updating Last Access Time while reading files.

Version 2.31 - 7 Oct 2018

! Fix updating columns listed on some options.
! Fix configuration migration from v2.25.
! Fix reading AC3 properties from some MPEG files.

Version 2.30 - 30 Sep 2018

+ Added support for reading meta data from html files.
+ Added /c command line option to override configuration.
! Fix endless loop while parsing broken mkv files.

Version 2.29 - 14 Jul 2018

+ Added option to display free bytes and total disk size in title summary.
! Fix writing multimedia length column to database output.

Version 2.28 - 28 Apr 2018

+ Added "Vertical resolution" option and renamed current "Resolution" into "Horizontal resolution".
+ Added option to count total multimedia length for folders.
+ Added "Body serial" and "Lens serial" columns.
+ Resolutions are now extracted from PNG images.
+ Recognize Unicode comments in JPEG files.
* Merged Multimedia -> Comments, Title with respective Document options.
* Merged Multimedia -> Date taken with Document -> Doc created option. (Now renamed to "Doc created / Date taken").
* Moved several descriptive metadata to Document page and left only technical metadata on Multimedia page.
! Fix newline character in text output.
! Fix slash being added to CSV header when Path is checked.

Version 2.27 - 30 Mar 2018

! Recognize lower case keys in FLAC metadata.
! Display single slash if displayed path is empty.
! Fixed not displaying time in date columns for Excel output.
! Fix displaying date values in older Excel editions (2010, 2007).

Version 2.26 - 27 Mar 2018

! Fix displaying number as separate column when column names is not displayed.
! Fix displaying path as separate column in Excel output.

Version 2.25 - 21 Mar 2018

+ Added "Lock table header" option to HTML output.
+ Added options to calculate SHA-3 256 and 512 bits hashes.
+ Added options to have separate "Path", "Extension" and "Number" columns for all outputs and removed "Path, Name & Extension together" option for CSV.
+ Option to split path into parts now works for all outputs.
+ Added option to end path with slash.
+ Added support for SQLite database output via ODBC.
+ Custom header can now be included in CSV output.
+ Added option to automatically save configuration on exit.
* All columns are now visible in "Column order" list box for CSV and database outputs.
* Updated HTML output template to HTML5 standard.
! < and > are now not added to folder names, only to subfolders.

Version 2.24 - 4 Oct 2017

+ Added option to include folder id columns in database output.
! Fix total number of files and total size when folder filter is applied.

Version 2.23 - 12 Jul 2017

+ Added support for ICO and CUR files.
+ Added option to use MediaInfo library to retrieve metadata.
+ Added support for OGG files.
+ More properties are retrieved from WAV files.
+ Retrieving Subtitle property from MP3, MP4 and ASF files into Subject column.
! Fixed bits per pixel value for RGBA PNG images.
! Fixed use of TAB as a separator in CSV output which resulted in merged columns.

Version 2.22 - 1 Jun 2017

+ Added Microsoft Excel as an output option.
* Zip archives are now also shown in the left tree when 'Treat archives as directories' option is selected.
* Added support for ZIP64 archives.
! Fix displaying VBR for directory rows in CSV.

Version 2.21 - 16 May 2017

! Fixed database output to SQL Server when date columns were selected.

Version 2.20 - 12 May 2017

* Date fields can now show dates since year 1601 and not only since 1970.
! Fixed slow report generation for "Draw directories tree" option.
! Fixed reading dates from xml properties (Office, ebooks, pdf) for some files.

Version 2.19 - 4 May 2017

* Directory Lister uses now SQLite database internally so it is possible to list more than 500,000 files also with HTML, text and CSV outputs (and not only with Database output).
+ Added option to filter directories by their total size or just the size of the directory itself.
+ Added option to filter directories by file count or total file count.
+ Added option to display (VBR) text in Audio Bit Rate column if Variable Bit Rate is detected.
+ Added option to prefix file number with zeros.
* Speeded up reading folder selection on startup.
* Enable text tree also for directories not sorted by name.
! Files are now properly indented with "Group directories" and "Draw directories tree" options enabled.
! Files are now properly numbered with "Group directories" option enabled.
! Fixed reading properties from several file types on network shares.
! Fixed Explorer mode with "Group directories" option enabled.
! Fixed icon transparency in Explorer mode.

Version 2.18 - 5 Apr 2017

! Fixed icon sizes in the folders tree for display scales greater than 100%.

Version 2.17 - 1 Apr 2017

+ Added .m2ts to the list of recognized extensions.
! Fixed time display in text mode.
! Fixed daylight saving time shift in zip archives.

Version 2.16 - 13 Mar 2017

+ Added option to show milliseconds in file times.
+ Added option to treat directory links (symbolic links and junction points) as directories.
+ Added option to group folders at a specified level.
+ Added displaying of the currently loaded configuration in the application title bar and option to save it.
* Link shortcut overlays are now displayed in the tree when "Use real folder icons" option is selected.
* Directories tree has now more space between icons.

Version 2.15 - 26 Jan 2017

* Recognize also older ID3v2 standards (ID3v2.2.0,ID3v2.3.0).
! Fix new line characters in MP3 comments causing corrupted CSV and text listings.

Version 2.14 - 10 Jan 2017

+ Added option to save HTML Styles into the Quick HTML Style menu.
+ Subfolders can be created in Application Data folder to show quick configurations in submenus.
* Included the unrar.dll as a static library so it doesn't crash on Windows 8.
! Fixed bug causing endless refresh loop if changing the output type during listing generation.

Version 2.13 - 09 Nov 2016

+ Added format specifiers for files, directories and date in the title line.
! Fixed hang on unaccessible remote shares.

Version 2.12 - 04 Oct 2016

+ Added option to append records to existing table in database output.
! Fix font weight setting in HTML output.

Version 2.11 - 13 Sep 2016

+ Added additional option for hiding empty parent directories.
* Folder links (reparse points, junction points, symlinks) are not treated as folders to prevent endless folder loops.

Version 2.10 - 07 Sep 2016

! Fixed header font size set to 1 after first run.

Version 2.09 - 28 Aug 2016

* Hide empty directories option now works with tree display.

Version 2.08 - 12 Aug 2016

+ Added Open Document Format properties (.odt, .ods, .odp, .odg, .odf).
! Fixed division by zero on some AVI files.
! Fixed newline characters in Explorer Mode for comments columns.

Version 2.07 - 20 Jul 2016

+ Added Explorer Mode - new HTML type output which resembles Windows Explorer view.
+ Column names row can now be styled separately from the header row in HTML output.
* Only selected hashes are now counted which speeds up generating them significantly.
! All columns in HTML output are now properly escaped.

Version 2.06 - 21 Mar 2016

+ Added SHA-256 and SHA-512 hash sums.
* Hash sums are now counted in parallel which improves listing generation time.
* Improved memory usage while counting hash sums.

Version 2.05 - 13 Mar 2016

! Fixed long close for command line mode.
! Improved main window responsiveness while counting hash sums.

Version 2.04 - 23 Feb 2016

! Fixed importing registration key.

Version 2.03 - 20 Feb 2016

+ Added support for MXF files (Enterprise edition only).
! Fixed crash in context menu integration with no translation files.
! Fixed GUI responsiveness while searching network drives.

Version 2.02 - 13 Oct 2015

! Fixed listing and filtering files inside archives.
! Fixed number of channels for MP4 files with Dolby Digital (AC-3) audio.

Version 2.01 - 7 Oct 2015

* Compiled for SSE only processors like Athlon (only 32-bit version).

Version 2.00 - 30 Sep 2015

+ Added folder filters.
* Better progress dialog.
* New, bigger icons in the toolbar.
* Listing generation now divided into two phases: scanning files and retrieving properties.

Version 1.71 - 23 Aug 2015

* Listing file has now time coherent with generated on ... header.
* Compiled for SSE only processors like Athlon.
! Fixed displaying dates with daylight saving time in effect for folders.

Version 1.70 - 19 Jun 2015

! Fixed crash of shell extension.

Version 1.69 - 04 May 2015

! Fixed reading avi files with DVM wave format.
! Fixed sorting of directories in some cases.
! Fixed reading of newer (v4, v5) BMP files.

Version 1.68 - 14 Nov 2014

! Fixed crash when "Database output" and "Draw directories tree" options were selected.
! Fixed sorting of files with hyphen or apostrophe when "Recognize numbers while sorting" option was unchecked.

Version 1.67 - 28 Sep 2014

! Fixed context menu artifacts in Windows XP.

Version 1.66 - 21 Jul 2014

! Fixed not displayed scroll bar for tree window.
! Fixed application crash while reading some MP3 properties.

Version 1.65 - 22 Jun 2014

+ Added support for epub and fb2 e-book files.

Version 1.64 - 18 Apr 2014

! Fixed endless loop in broken PDF files.

Version 1.63 - 16 Mar 2014

* Drive names are now displayed in uppercase.
! Fixed sorting of directories with partially common names (eg. d:\a\ and d:\a b\).

Version 1.62 - 09 Jan 2014

! Fixed Windows Explorer context menu extension crash on Windows 8.
! Fixed application hung while reading corrupted MPEG files from network.

Version 1.61 - 23 Dec 2013

+ Added support for Flash Video (FLV) format.
+ Native 64-bit binaries are now available.

Version 1.60 - 10 Nov 2013

+ Added a copy context menu to text and csv listings.
* Added a new line between the header and the column names in text listing.
* Directory Lister is now available as Standard and Enterprise editions. Also customers can now purchase upgrade assurance.

Version 1.58 - 09 Oct 2013

+ Added support for FLAC files.
+ More extensions are now recognized as MP4 files (3GPP, 3GP, 3GPP2, 3G2, K3G, JPM, JPX, MQV, ISMV, ISMA).
+ Added displaying of bitrates for MP4 files.
! Fixed flickering of the tree during startup.
! Fixed /o command line parameter when relative path was provided.

Version 1.57 - 26 Sep 2013

+ Added length estimation for MPEG files.
+ VOB files are recognized as MPEG.

Version 1.56 - 9 Aug 2013

+ Name column is now indented when "Draw directories tree" option is selected for HTML output.
+ Including CSS directly in the "Inlude external CSS" is now possible.
! Fixed displaying text tree when "Current directory only" value was selected for "Path" option.

Version 1.55 - 14 Jul 2013

+ Added support for XMP meatadata from PDF files.

Version 1.54 - 16 Jun 2013

+ Added hierarchical tree when "Draw directories tree" is selected for CSV output.
* Path split moved to separate option only for CSV.

Version 1.53 - 22 May 2013

+ Path is split to columns when "Draw directories tree" option is selected for CSV output.
* Directories tree is now loaded faster when "Remember directories selection" is checked.
! Fixed hang on some MPG files.

Version 1.52 - 7 Apr 2013

* Added current file name during parsing in the status bar.
! Fixed reading of some MP3 files incorrectly recognized as Layer 1.

Version 1.51 - 13 Jan 2013

! Fixed reading of MPEG-2 files written as Transport Streams.

Version 1.50 - 27 Nov 2012

+ Added several EXIF properties extracted from JPEG files like Camera, Focal Length, Aperture, Exposure.

Version 1.49 - 17 Oct 2012

! Fixed shell context menu translations and integration.

Version 1.48 - 12 Oct 2012

+ Added option to display customized folder icons in the tree view.
* Put reading of the directories tree into a separate thread so the applications starts up quicker.

Version 1.47 - 30 Sep 2012

+ Added support for QuickTime MOV files.
* Changed sorting of directories by name when full path is not selected.
* Changed all languages into UTF-8 format.

Version 1.46 - 15 Sep 2012

+ Added new column "Total files count" for directories.
! Fixed displaying date for daylight savings zones.
! Fixed counting folder sizes for archives.
! Minor GUI text corrections.

Version 1.45 - 01 Sep 2012

+ Added listing of meta properties for iTunes mp4 files.

Version 1.44 - 18 Aug 2012

+ Added option to limit HTML preview for huge listing.
+ Added option to display bitrate (kbps) for audio and video streams.
+ Added option to save Path, File Name and File Extension as one column in CSV listing.
+ Added displaying properties of MTS files (using shell properties, so works slowly and only on Windows 7).
* If first parameter after /l command line is a directory then this directory will be listed.
* Second parameter after /l command line will now be treated as a table name and will overwrite configuration.
* Help file is no longer a top window when invoked.
* PK3 files are treated as ZIP archives now.
! Fixed sorting by MP3 track.
! Fixed endless loop while counting hashes for broken or WoW64 files.

Version 1.43 - 23 Nov 2011

+ Added format setting for document total edit time and multimedia length columns.
! Fixed including unicode external css files.
! Fixed database output to Access when "Number" column was specified.
! Fixed quick configuration menu not appearing in Windows Explorer context menu.

Version 1.42 - 11 Aug 2011

+ Added support for Page count in unencrypted PDF files.
+ Added support for Manager and Company attributes of Microsoft Office documents.
! Fixed listing of archive files in database output.
! Fixed displaying properties for PDF files with cross-reference streams.

Version 1.41 - 27 Jun 2011

+ Added support for Microsoft Access database output.
+ Added option to drop table before creation.
+ Added support for reading DWG (AutoCAD) properties if DWG Columns for Explorer (32-bit) from JTB World is installed.
! Fixed bug where temporary preview files were left after program exit.
! Fixed preview for UTF-16 encoding.
! Fixed displaying mp3 properties in text mode.

Version 1.40 - 30 Apr 2011

+ Added initial support for database output. Databases tested: Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Firebird.
* Hash sums are now also displayed for subdirectories and so parent directory hash changes whenever any file or directory is changed on any level deep inside this parent directory.
! Fixed displaying path for archives.
! Fixed displaying subdirs when filter was applied.
! Fixed quick HTML style menu.

Version 1.38 - 3 Feb 2011

! Fixed closing the application in batch mode.

Version 1.37 - 23 Jan 2011

+ Added option to save configuration as a quick configuration item which is used in Windows Explorer context menu.
+ Catalan translation.
+ Proposed listing name is now taken from the first selected dir name.
+ Added new experimental HTML renderer: HTMLayout which is much faster and uses less memory than Internet Explorer.
+ Page setup menu has been added to be able to change header and footer in HTML printing and print setup menu has been removed.
* Reduced the size of html listing by better utilization of css rules. TD elements are without class attribute now.
* Folder type is now also displayed for directory rows.
* Text and CSV listings are displayed now in RichEdit control for much better performance.
! Fixed displaying table frame when column names are not displayed.
! Fixed reading properties from paths > 260 chars (broken in v1.20).
! Fixed application hang when reading some pdf files.
! Fixed listing directories on remote shares.
! Fixed corrupted icon in Windows Explorer context menu.
! Fixed type for directories.
! Fixed listing of zip archives with no entries for directories.
! Fixed length of the - characters around directory rows in text mode.
! Reduced time to display the first listing after program start up.

Version 1.36 - 19 Nov 2010

! Fixed filtering inside archives.

Version 1.35 - 13 Nov 2010 (10th anniversary :)

! Fixed reading mp3 files with XING header.

Version 1.34 - 12 Jul 2010

+ Added support for mp4 files (mp4, m4a, m4b, m4p, m4r, m4v, f4v, f4a, f4b, f4p).

Version 1.33 - 30 May 2010

! Fixed infinite loop when drawing a dirs tree for a top dir.
! Fixed displaying unicode characters for some of the PDF files.

Version 1.32 - 25 Mar 2010

+ Added (partial) support for PDF properties.
! Fixed displaying document properties on shared network directories.
! Fixed X-UA-Compatible meta tag in html output.

Version 1.31 - 23 Jan 2010

! Fixed page breaks during printing.

Version 1.30 - 14 Jan 2010

+ Added exclude filter for file names and older/newer than filter for dates.
+ Added two new ways of displaying path when a dir and only some of its subdirs are selected.
+ Added option to show tool tips for program options.
+ Added option to recognize numbers while sorting file names.
+ Added new column which displays drive volume label on which file is stored.
+ Added option do display or to hide slash at the end of directory name.
+ Added new option for path display: current directory name only.
+ Added option to display directories tree in text listing.
+ Added option to limit display level of listed directories.
* Reorganized tabs so they occupy less space in the window and are grouped in a better way.
! Fixed displaying compound properties for unicode encodings.
! Fixed moving to controls using tab key.
! Fixed displaying the listing when it was requested too many times per second.
! Fixed wrong link was created when Extension option was unchecked.

Version 1.23 - 17 Dec 2009

+ Compound properties of image files like Author, Title, Keywords are now supported.
+ TIFF properties are now supported.

Version 1.22 - 28 Nov 2009

+ Properties of MPEG files inside AVI are now displayed.
+ Added option during uninstallation to delete configuration files.
+ File system (NTFS) compoud properties are now read.
* Improved displaying of video format (AVI files). All known FOURCC values are available.
* Improved displaying of audio format (AVI, WAV files). All known TWOCC values are available.
! Speeded up listing generation when any of document properties column was selected.
! Speeded up listing of AVI files.
! Audio format for MPEG files was not displayed.

Version 1.21 - 19 Oct 2009

! Fixed listing of CD contents on western semisphere.
! Fixed html tags so the listing now conforms to XHTML 1.0 Transitional specification

Version 1.20 - 21 Sep 2009

! Fixed broken listings while enumerating some network files.
! Dates are now also displayed for root drives.
! Fixed obtaining owner for root drives.

Version 1.19 - 14 Sep 2009

+ Hash sums for directories can now be counted. More information here.
+ Added Whirlpool 512-bit hash sum. Whirlpool has been adopted by the ISO and the IEC as part of the joint ISO/IEC 10118-3 international standard.
+ More HTML schemes are now available.
* User is warned now if shell integration switch did not succeed due to insufficient permissions.
! Fixed shell context menu on 64-bit Windows Vista or Windows 7.
! Fixed calculating hash sums for unaccessible files - sums are empty strings in this case.

Version 1.18 - 26 Aug 2009

+ Added option to check for updates manually
! Fixed bug with MP3 files where program entered into endless loop.
! Fixed bug with reading MP3 ID3v1 track property.

Version 1.17 - 25 Aug 2009

! Fixed bug where file mask was not saved.
! Fixed bug with reading MP3 properties from broken MP3 files.

Version 1.16 - 23 Aug 2009

+ Office 2007 properties are now displayed, even if Office 2007 is not installed
+ Total edit time column added for Office documents
+ Several predefined masks are now available in name mask filter
+ Program can automatically check for updates now
* Better handling of file name mask so multiple items are properly trimmed

Version 1.15 - 20 Jul 2009

+ Added displaying of volume names in listing
+ Added quick HTML configuration menu with several predefined HTML styles.
+ Added Vietnamese translation
+ Added Arabic translation
* Reorganized options tabs so they are now easier to navigate and more user friendly.

Version 1.14 - 13 May 2009

! Speeded up expanding of network tree.

Version 1.13 - 12 May 2009

! Fixed not expandable network servers in some environments.

Version 1.12 - 08 May 2009

+ Some of MPEG (*.mpg and *.mpeg files) properties are now recognized.
+ Title value is now also included in listing header in html and text outputs.
* Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows ME and Windows NT are no longer supported.
* All hash sums are calculated during one file reading so it works faster on slow drives.
! Enhanced displaying file version information for files where info structure is not well constructed.
! Added DOCTYPE and xmlns definitions to html output.
! Fixed initial width of columns in text mode (was always 1) (broken by last fix from 1.11).
! Fixed displaying only accessible drives in Windows 2000

Version 1.11 - 09 Jan 2009

+ Added possibility to specify e-mail recipient and subject.
* Network drives are not read upon start resulting in faster startup.
* Corrected Dutch translation.
! Fixed a small bug that was adding one unnecessary hidden column.
! Fixed counting of hashes for files larger than 2GB.
! Fixed storing of empty values of edit controls in configuration files.

Version 1.10 - 21 Jul 2008

+ Added support for UNC names in selection files so "Workgroup" or "\\Computer\Share" can be specified.
! Fixed listing of non-convertible unicode characters in ANSI mode - question mark is printed in this case.
! Several properties were not displayed for network shared files.

Version 1.09 - 08 Jun 2008

+ Matroska (mkv, mka) multimedia properties are now recognized
! Fixed a terrible crash when listing dirs with long names

Version 1.08 - 07 May 2008

+ Added option for opening a listing in default browser after generation
! Fixed counting of dirs when archives are treated as dirs
! Fixed displaying of unicode chars in archives

Version 1.07 - 08 Mar 2008

+ Multimedia MP3 info is read: audio format, channels, frequency, length
+ ID3v2 is now read for MP3 files and is automatically preferred over ID3v1
+ Added Spanish translation
* Sorting of folders tree is now coherent with sorting of listing (using string sorting)
* 'Select with subdirectories' option has been repositioned at the top of folders tree for better visibility
! Fixed saving of filter options
! Corrected filter mask reading

Version 1.05 - 01 Jan 2008

! Fixed listing in each dir

Version 1.04 - 29 Nov 2007

+ Added Czech translation
! Fixed displaying SHA-1
! Improved stability on some configurations

Version 1.03 - 07 Nov 2007

! Fixed sorting by CRC32

Version 1.02 - 18 Sep 2007

+ Added Dutch translation
! Multimedia properties were not displayed
! Initial loading of empty listing is now disabled so application starts faster
! Improved Vista compatibility

Version 1.01 - 15 Aug 2007

! Missing or invalid file date caused listing to be corrupted.

Version 1.0 - 14th Jul 2007

+ A listing can now be printed.
+ Archive contents can be listed depending on option setting.
+ Contents of shared network folders are accessible in the tree of available directories.
+ Program lists paths longer than 260 chars.
+ User is allowed to select whether listing should be automatically refreshed after each option change or not (Instant preview). Additional button for manual refresh. Also each new selection updates the preview window.
+ User is allowed to include all date and time columns (creation, last write and last access) in a listing.
+ A new column set is available showing information about multimedia files (avi, wav, jpg, gif, png, bmp, pcx).
+ A new column set is available showing information about office files (doc, xls, ppt).
+ A new column set is available showing information about mp3 files (mp3).
+ More info from exe/dll files is displayed (in separate columns) like company, description etc.
+ File Version column displays (upon user request) volume serial number for drives and CD-ROMs.
+ User is allowed to include a summary at the top or bottom of the listing: How many files and directories were listed, total size of files etc.
+ User is able to define a depth search option which allows to list only a specific number of subdirectories in directories tree.
+ User is able to not display directories that do no contain any file (only subdirs).
+ User is able to choose "Not sorted" output option for both dirs and files.
+ More extensive filter is available allowing for filtering files by size, date and attributes.
+ User is able to save and load HTML schemes including all custom CSS style. Several predefined schemes are accessible.
+ HTML listing can contain links to directories inside listing.
+ All columns in text output could be wrapped around a given char column depending on option setting.
+ User is able to select an option for automatic setting of width of all columns (based on maximum width from real files) in text output.
+ Sending an e-mail command line option has been added.
+ First run of an application (and ini file shall not include this information after installation) reads locale info about thousand and decimal separators and default date format.
+ Language file includes a name for e-mail attachement.
+ A registered user is able to disable the top header containing a link to web site.
* The program has new SDI layout. Window is divided into three parts, left window for dirs tree (like in Explorer), right side divided into two parts, upper one for options, lower for listing.
* Directory Lister is now changed to Directory Lister Pro and becomes fully shareware application.
! Collapsing and expanding dirs tree did not work properly in certain scenarios.
! Files summary in program title bar counted also subdirs which is wrong when subdirs are not displayed.
! Sorting by name did not work properly for names with certain characters ($!).

Version 0.9.1 - 18th Jan 2006

! File names with some special characters like "_" or "-" were not properly sorted.
! Two (and more) space characters were displayed as one in HTML output.

Version 0.9 - 08th Nov 2005

+ Tool tips can be disabled.
+ < and > chars can be disabled in subdir names.
+ Tab character can be specified as CSV column separator.
+ CD insertion and removal is automatically detected.
+ Path can be specified not to contain the selected directory.
+ file:// can be added in front of links.
+ Column names can be shown in listing header.
+ The installation can be repaired from the Add/Remove programs window.
+ Subdirs can be mixed with files or always in front of them.
+ External CSS file can be included after default definitions.
+ Single or all subdirs selecting can be forced by using CTRL and SHIFT keys.
+ HTML title can be user defined.
+ Listing can be send as an e-mail attachement by one button click.
+ All registration data is shown on About tab.
* Escape and Enter keys don't cause program to exit.
* CSV column names are read from language file.
* HTML quick preview is now a real HTML page.
* Program options are on separate tab.
* File version is shown always with dots, not using local settings.
! Context copy button didn't work for text and CSV previews.
! Sometimes expanding and collapsing the directories tree caused to display items multiplied.
! The listing file was shown as empty file on the listing if it was to one of selected dirs.
! Listing in each dir option was completely not working.
! Columns context menu was not read from language file.

Version 0.8.1 - 24th May 2005

* The preview uses TEMP dir for storing temporary preview file instead of Directory Lister dir.
* A few changes in help file.
+ Dutch translation included in setup.
! After pressing 'Cancel' button, CRC32 was not recalculated on next preview/save file.
! After pressing 'Cancel' button, not counted CRC32 are not shown at all, instead of 00000000.

Version 0.8 - 25th April 2005

* The application becomes a shareware product of KRKSoft, while still available free for non-commercial use
+ Columns can be aligned in HTML and text outputs
+ Columns can be in user defined order
+ Sorting of dirs option was not grayed when dirs listing was unselected
+ Listing can be copied to clipboard
+ HTML border can be customized
+ Shell integration has been rewritten, so it is possible to select multiple directories and specify configuration
+ Single apostrophe can be specified as thousand separator
+ Reading of selected dirs on startup has been speeded up
* Columns not used in HTML output are not generated at all instead of just hiding
* Version column size can be greater than 10 characters
* Column widths are now grayed when text output is not selected
* Date and time format of the header is the same as for dirs
! The underline was not properly set in font settings for HTML output
! Maximized window state was not properly saved

Version 0.7.2 - 10th October 2004

+ More translations included in setup
+ Added padding for all columns
* Changed no wrap for name column which should be broken if it's too long. Otherwise user had to scroll the page horizontally.
! Fixed align of size column for Opera
! Directories were not sorted descending
! Fixed counting size of files > 4GB
! Fixed sorting of local character sets

Version 0.7.1 - 23rd June 2004

+ More translations included in setup
! Fixed minor bugs with translations

Version 0.7 - 15th June 2004

+ CSV output
+ New, faster engine
+ Separate option for dir date
+ Separate option for dir time
+ Separate option for dir attributes
+ Compressed attribute is displayed
+ Hints for most of the controls
+ Separate options for sorting dirs
+ Options for thousand separator and decimal separator
+ Option for choosing which date to present: Creation, Last write or Last access.
+ Option for generating links to files
+ Charset for HTML is based on chosen font charset
+ Header can be localized
+ Quick configuration menu
+ Context menu support
* Preview will always display whole listing on Win9x systems, not only first 32kB.
! No drive message on startup removed
! Dir size had not proper font in HTML listing

Version 0.6 - 15th September 2002

+ English is no longer the only one interface-language
+ Load dirs selection button
+ Links to directories
+ HTML output is much more customizable
+ Extension can be hidden
+ File version can be listed
+ Files can be numbered
+ Last selection can be saved and loaded automatically at startup
* Listing process was put into a separate thread so you can easily press 'Cancel' button at any time
* When you click on a checkbox, other controls will be enabled / disabled accordingly
* Directories can be also sorted now
! When you check 'Listing for each dir' and list cd contents, error message box will not pop up
! File count after directory name works now properly (even if no file is displayed underneath)
! Size for files 2GB+ was wrongly counted
! Window is now properly restored after saving in maximize state
! Directory size was wrongly counted

Version 0.5.2 - 24 January 2002

! Ugly bug with full file path

Version 0.5.1 - 21 January 2002

+ Multiple mask, accepting wildcards and sets
+ You can exclude either drive name or parent dir from the path
! Directories are now sorted when 'Sort items' box is checked
! Filter was not read from the configuration file
! Dir size for top dir was not properly counted when mask was not *.*
! Open/Save dialogs do not remember last opened/saved filename now
! F12 did not switch between 'Select directories'/'Preview'

Version 0.5 - 13 January 2002

+ INI file with configuration (read upon start and saved on exit)
+ Window position and state saved to ini file
+ Exclude drive name from directory path
+ CRC32 - the same as in zip archives
+ File count after directory name
+ Listing for each processed directory in separate file
+ Sorting files all together (not only within one directory)
+ 'Cancel' button to stop generation immediately
* The way of selecting directories has been dramatically changed
* Header is only one line now instead of two lines
* Much improved progress bar
* Pages reorganized for more user-friendly interface
! Window contents were displayed incorrectly with 'Large fonts' setting
! Sizes were saved but not read from the configuration file

Version 0.4 - 20 August 2001

+ Generate HTML option and HTML preview
+ HTML colors box
+ Descending sort order option
+ Sort by option
+ Size display option
+ Size precision option
+ Command line parameters
+ Hot keys (F5, F12)
+ Save/Load configuration buttons
+ Save directory selection button
* New tab and reorganisation of controls
* Thousand separator in size
! First directory not expanded when sort option enabled

Version 0.3 - 3 May 2001

+ Include dir names option
+ Include dir size option
+ Include full path option
+ Ability to sort items
+ Mask option
* Preview moved to another page
* Preview shows real content not always "c:\" dir
* True folder icons are read
* Progress bar works during preview and saving
* New checkboxes
! Save dialog bug
! Hidden directory bug

Version 0.2 - 11 November 2000

+ Added very nice little preview.

Version 0.1 - November 2000

* First release.